Monday, May 14

this happens.

Almost to 5

We're almost to 5! Ahh! Can't believe it you guys! It's amazing how fast time is passing. I really need to get better at updating and I promise I will. Just had to give a shout out to my amazing husband, I love you! I'm proud to be your Army wife. Thank you for making me, and your country proud!

Saturday, May 12

I carry you're heart with me.
I carry it in my heart.

Tuesday, April 3

3 months down!!!!!!!!!

I honestly CAN NOT believe I am able to say we are 3 months into this deployment. I thank the good Lord above for how fast it's passing, while also selfishly wish ing he would speed time up and make it be ending tomorrow.

Here are a couple of the FRG (family readiness group) news letters we wives have gotten so far! They are going to be coming more often as we just got a new FRG leader who seems to be pretty on top of sending them out!

Andrew hasn't had much time to leave where he works, eats, and sleeps. He is hoping to be able to go into the city soon and really get a taste of the place he has to live for a year. He says it's beautiful, outside the base. It is starting to be the summer months so it's getting hot. REALLY hot. The other day it was 85 and they were having a mass sandstorm. He said as he was walking back from the gym the sand was just sticking to his body. YUCK! Although- it doesn't sound much unlike El Paso lately so I guess he could be used to it?

The first crew just went home on their R&R so Andrew was working shifts of 24 on and 24 off.  He has been insanely busy and really tired. He is working SO hard and serving your country with pride. It's hard but he is keeping his chin up. I am so proud of him!!!

I love you honey!
You're my hero!